building brands and digital experiences for impact.

Typically joining start-ups and early-stage companies as the first product designer, Justin’s design philosophy of centering the audience's lived experiences, cultures, and identities create thoughtfully conscious solutions for scale.

a senior product designer at Charlie Health building for care providers, clients, and caregivers.
  • Streamlining clinical workflows:
    Creating efficiencies for providers in documentation, care planning, and cross-team communication to provide more seamless care.

  • Care Center:
    Supporting a client's treatment with safety resourcing, care and safety management.

  • Design system:
    Owning and maintaining our design systems.

created access to high-quality care for the queer community at FOLX Health.
  • Tailoring primary care for the community, by the community.

  • Streamlining medication access:
    Making it easier and safer for queer folks accessing life-saving medications.

aided individuals with sleep disorders in understanding sleep testing results at Wesper.
  • Patch reports: Data visualization in the mobile app.

supported lgbtqia+ youth and families at Encircle.
  • Book a visit: Making resource finding less daunting and scary.

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