Connecting people to create change that matters.

I'm a product designer that works at the intersection of product and brand. I believe that great brands and experiences are created by understanding the lived experiences of it's audiences ensuring thoughtful insight into beliefs, cultures, and identities that can influence decision-making.

I've focused on designing and creating solutions within mission-driven, people-centered start-ups, non-profits, and agencies (as long as there's a task to do, I'm ready to go!)

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I believe in using design for good.

As people creating for people, we must consider all of the touch points and intersections of a person using our products.

Great design is only possible when everyone has a seat at the table.

Unintentional harm can be (and is) designed. We must have the humility to understand our impact.

Identity and belief systems inform and empower community.

Moving forward informed allows for opportunities to better understand, listen, and create inclusively.

Design should impact and connect communities.

Informed, humble, and equitable design creates positive change within our communities.

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