Connecting people to create change that matters.

Product Design
Creative Direction

About Justin

Justin Kwong (He/Him) is a brand and product designer with over 8 years of experience using effective brand strategy, marketing, and product design to create brands and experiences that connect people to create change that matters.

Justin has supported the work of a variety of organizations such as the LOVELOUD Festival, Equality Utah, The Trevor Project, Encircle, Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce, and co-founded TalentTrail, a service that connected students to their first career opportunity.

Currently, Justin works as a product designer and serves as a Board Member for Project Contrast, a non-profit amplifying and contrasting the voices of rural and urban LGBTQ+ youth.

Approach & Philosophy

consider & learn

Great design is only possible when everyone has a seat at the table.

Unintentional harm can be (and is) designed. We must have the humility to understand our impact.

Create & Validate

Identity and belief systems inform and empower community.

Moving forward informed allows for opportunities to better understand, listen, and create inclusively.


Design should
impact and connect communities

Informed, humble, and equitable design creates positive change within our communities.

Brand Experience

AWI NetworksAPA AgencyEncircleEquality UtahProject ContrastTiny Hero


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