Branding & Creative Direction

Welcome Home

CLIENT: Encircle
CONTRIBUTION: Brand Strategy // Creative Direction
YEAR: 2018 - 2019

Since it’s founding in 2016, Encircle has been a trailblazer for the empowerment of LGBTQ+ youth, greater acceptance in families, and unconditional community support. Encircle engaged me to refresh their brand look-and-feel to provide the image of an established and trustworthy organization within the industry, and communicate the maturity and continued growth that Encircle aims for as it moves from the small blue house in Provo, Utah, to a larger platform.

Consider & Learn


Create a refreshed brand and strategy that moves the organization forward.

Business Goals

They wanted a modern looking logo

Something that was fresh and clear as to what Encircle did

Something that was going to be consistent across mediums and platforms


The demographic of people the organization brings in may find the pride rainbow off-putting.

Create & Validate

Working with stakeholders, there were three topics/focuses that became clear were necessary to communicate. These focuses brought ideas and essence from the old logo and mixed them with focuses that weren't as visibly communicated previously.

The circular design of the first logo worked effectively to communicate the love, sense of belonging, and ultimately the safe place to learn and grow that Encircle stands for.

Encircle builds homes that nourish, nurture and secure. It was important that the newe brand communicated this.

Encircle's mission of bringing families and communities together to help LGBTQ+ youth thrive was an important thing to communicate.

I proceeded to ideate a wide variety of brandmark concepts that could communicate what Encircle was hoping to communicate. I explored brandmarks across a wide range of focuses in an effort to better understand how to communicate the ideas that the stakeholders would want. This included exploring ways to communicate unity, love, and community.

In addition to brandmarks, typeface pairing, colors, and additional brand assets were tested in compliment as to create a cohesive brand system.


Encircle’s rebrand resulted in a refreshed image that solidifies its place in the industry with a new logo, complementing typefaces, and visual cues that communicate the warm and inviting culture that visitors and guests of Encircle feel when entering an Encircle home.

The refresh is inspired by the essence of the old brand by building on suggestions of its roots, all while moving it forward with a more modern and inviting visual presence. The logo combines various shapes and lines to communicate the three pillars of Encircle’s mission (youth, families, and the community) and the message of unconditional love that Encircle spreads throughout the state of Utah and across the nation.

To present this essence of love on an established platform, deliberate choices in typefaces and colors serve to create a brand image that is recognizable to the communities that support and are served by  Encircle.

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