Product design

Finding Joy

CONTRIBUTION: Product Design
YEAR: 2018

As a large world-wide organization, Pet Inc. provides people with a variety of services and wants people to be able to find it. Pet Inc. had gone through a recent rebrand and required that their location finder be updated. This refresh not only involved a brand refresh but a overhaul of the service as it had been neglected for quite some time.

NOTE: The identity of this client has been changed. However, all processes and screens shown reflect real work done .

Consider & Learn


Provide a refreshed, efficient, and user-friendly location finder service to replace the existing system.

Business Goals

Providing a more intuitive way to find out information about Pet Inc. locations in a user's area.

Increased ease-of-find should result in more customers visting Pet Inc. locations.


Unfamiliarity with the services that Pet Inc provides may deter some people from visiting.

Pet Inc's unique approach to the pet services they offer may be confusing or off-putting to some people. Pet Inc hoped that their location finder would support the education of their services.

Create & Validate

Because of where this experience would sit within their overall website, there were many ways to access the experience. With that in mind, consideration of creating a versatile experience was necessary. It was important that access to this service was clearly laid out and would fit the flow of other pages.

To create a more unified experience leading into the location finder, it was decided that we would create a set of customizable components that would create clear points of entry into the location finder. These component variants could be placed throughout the website in places that made sense.


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