Product design

Internal Tools for Violet

CLIENT: Violet
CONTRIBUTION: Product Design
YEAR: 2020

Finding mental healthcare that meets your needs and understands your situation can be challenging. This can be more so challenging when someone is a part of a marginalized community. Violet is working to match clients to LGBTQ+ affirming healthcare providers. Until recently, Violet had been using a variety of third-party services to accomplish the services that their backend requires. As Violet continues to grow, they needed an in-house solution that would provide all of their needs.

Consider & Learn


Improve client booking experience

Improve administrative portal

Business Goals

Consolidate usage of 3rd party services for scheduling, payments, etc. into one portal.

Create efficiencies to the booking experience for the client.


Relationship of Email to Service as this is the only touchpoint that won't transfer in-house.

To fully understand all that Violet needed it's system to provide, we went through each of the third-party services that Violet was using to fulfill it's needs and created a comprehensive requirement sheet. By creating this framework, it allowed for the prioritization of needs vs wants, and who those features would impact.

Create & Validate

The framework above, provides two experiences that seamlessly work together. By working within the existing design system, this process also provides a more seamless handoff for development.

The first experience is more outward facing. The process included the designing of components that were previously generated via third-party platforms. These components come together to complete the registration experience that connects to the newly created backend.

The second experience, relying on the outer-facing experience, provides administrative tools in a cohesive workspace. This framework allows for the creation of efficiencies for both the client and the administrative staff tasked with billing.

This new experience provides clients with a way for them to make changes regarding their healthcare. This previously was done manually and this design creates administrative efficiencies that previously weren't possible.


By creating efficiencies where we can, we are able to move progress forward. We are able to better help those who need our help the most and do so with the systems and structure in place to make their decisions easier, and more informed.

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